At the end of my life…

I want to be able to look back and smile and say out loud “what a beautiful life that was”.

I want to be able to rest well knowing that I showed my love unconditionally to those I adore.

I want to know that I worked hard at trying to help create a better world for my children and grandchildren.

I want to slip into bliss easily assured that I left my loved ones behind a little bit of wealth and a lot of knowledge.

I want to remember adventures I had traveling the world.

I want to breathe softer knowing I left behind a legacy of books, art and memoirs documenting my journey.

I want to have faith in my knowing that the end of my life is not the end of my spirit.

I want to feel safe that the world I am leaving is a good place to leave my children and grandchildren behind in.

I want to be confident that those I care most about will be ok and strong without me and live a beautiful life filled with happiness.

I want to be at peace and in comfort.

I want to have forgiven those who have ever hurt me.

I want to have given my daughters the tools they need to be strong, independent and loving women.

I want to have met my grandchildren and gotten to know them deeply.

I want to know my daughters have a better understanding of my life, my story, my pain, my joys and my difficult decisions and how my love for them was always my leading force.

I want to fill my mind of memories of my home filled with family, friends and celebrations.

I want to have friends who have known me completely.

I want to be holding the hand of someone who loves me.

How about you?

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