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Simple Butterfly Mobile

Today the children and I made a pretty spring Butterfly Mobile utilizing some leftover wool roving I had.  These little butterflies are so simple to  make and even little ones can help wrap the wool around.  
Supplies Needed:

Wool roving in various colors
Light colored thread
Two branches (ours were cut from our blooming forsythia in our yard)

To begin, lay colored roving out in strips. 
To make one butterfly, tie the two ends of a strip together into a knot, being sure to leave the ends long enough to be your “antennas”.

Squeeze the loop together as you see here:

now take a smaller strip of white (or alternate) color wool roving and wrap around and around the center of your butterfly until you cannot wrap it anymore.  This will keep your butterfly together.

To make a mobile out of these little butterflies, simple crisscross the two branches together and adhere tightly with thread making a loop on top for hanging.  Next tie your butterflies onto long pieces of thread in various lengths and weights.  The tricky part now is finding your balance.  Hang your branches up first and very carefully experiment with placement of your butterfly threads until the mobile balances just right.  Tie knots to keep in place.

This beautiful mobile can be hung inside or out.  If you use real wool and natural thread the materials are safe for the environment.  Just maybe a few little birdies will come along and use your wool for their spring nests?    
If you make these little butterflies, please link back here so we can see!  For more fun and natural spring ideas for your children, visit our Celebrate Spring page over at Little Acorn Learning.  

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