May Day Crowns and Circle Time

May Day Crowns
Although I prefer to use all natural materials and real flowers, I wanted to be sure the children could take these special crowns home to keep for playtime.  
In this case I used artificial flowers with a wire backing, ribbon and colored bells.  
To make these easy crowns simply measure them around the child’s head and make a knot in the back leaving ribbon hanging in length. 
Then, adhere the flowers onto the crown.  In our case, we simply twisted the wire backing around the ribbon but if you do not have this type of flower just glue or sew the flowers on.  
Next each child helped to string the bells onto the back ribbon hanging and we secured by tying a knot at the end.  
Maypole Song
(If you do not have a Maypole you can simply hold hands in a circle and move around while singing.)

Round the Maypole we are going,
On a holiday,
Round the Maypole we are going,
This is what we say,
All the colors we are learning,
In the rainbow gay,
So, back and forth we all are dancing,
In the merry May.  

May Day Circle
(this circle can be shared the entire first week of May)

Each child receives a color to be their “name” for this game:  Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and so on.  The children join hands in a circle (their may day crowns or ribbons can be their special color as a reminder if you plan ahead).  The teacher is Mother Rainbow.  

Mother Rainbow says:
“I count my children before I go.  Learn the colors of my rainbow.”

She taps one child on the head and calls them by “name”:
“*Violet* won’t you play this game today?  Pick a friend and run away.”

The chosen child (in this case Violet) must go up to another child and name her color and say:

“I choose *Blue* to come with me.  Off we go beneath the tree.”
(this verse can be changed but if you have a nice tree the children can sit beneath it and prepare for snack or a lesson as they wait.)

Continue on until all children have left the circle.  If the number of children does not work out, Mother Rainbow can pair up with the last child and say the last verse instead of a child.  

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Happy May Day to You!

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