It Takes a Village

The weekend was chilly but fun.  We spent time yesterday like we do every year watching our town’s Memorial Day parade.  It was the first year the girls had to wear coats but we enjoyed it all the same!

I feel so grateful to be in such a wonderful and tight-knit town.  So many familiar faces and common experiences as we strive to raise our children together in peace and with love.  Living right next door to Sandy Hook has shaken our small town.  Many of our friends knew children who were murdered that day.  We did not but our hearts will forever be scarred as we realize that it could have just as easily been one of our schools.  Newtown is part of our community here and I think the entire event has made us even more determined to stand together and work for a better world.

Keira marched in her band playing the bells this year.  She was so excited to be at the very front of her line. As I looked for her at first I didn’t even recognize her.  She has gotten so tall and her childish features have faded away recently.  She is turning into a young woman and I am finding it harder and harder to see the baby she once was in her face.

One piece of advice I give to anyone wishing to help create true change is to get involved in your community as much as possible.  Know your neighbors, volunteer at the schools, run programs in your town, shop locally and get to know the owners on a first name basis, volunteer at your library, become a part of a spiritual church family if it fits within your beliefs – these are the things I work hard to do and it has made such a difference in our lives.  It has given us a sense of “family” outside of our own home and we get such comfort knowing that we have a network of others to rely upon.  We have lost so much of the village mentality in this day and age and it is time that we claim it back whether we live in a small suburb in Connecticut or on a city block in Detroit.  We need one another… we need to come out of our homes and gather together, get to know one another and work together to raise our families properly.  We need to help each other and show our children the true importance of community.  True community.  Only then will we be able to spread our love beyond our own streets and further into the world around us.

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