Keira’s Ice Skating Performance and a Prayer Request

My pretty girl is growing up so much.  I look at these pictures of her and I just can’t believe that this beautiful young woman was once in my arms.  This past weekend was Keira’s end of the school year Ice Skating Performance.  She was looking so forward to it and practiced so hard.

The song she chose was Taylor Swift’s song to her mother, The Best Day.  She loves the song so much and told me that it reminds her of me.  This is how sweet my girl is.  For Mother’s Day she wrote me her own version of the lyrics just for me.  Whenever I hear the song I get tears in my eyes.

We love you sweet Keira.  You are a light in this world.  You are a model of goodness and kindness.  You are my inspiration.

I am also asking that anyone who reads my blog and prays will do so for a friend and daycare dad of mine who has gone missing while mountain biking.  His two children were in my daycare for many years and his wife is expecting a new baby.  They have been looking for him for two days.  Our hearts are heavy.

Thank you.

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