End of Year Celebrations

The school year is coming to an end and its a very busy time for us.  With four daughters we can get pretty backed up with parties and concerts around this time of year.  I was lucky this year to be able to kill THREE birds with one stone on this particular day!  So I may as well do the same with blogging about them too 🙂 

At 6:15 a.m. the day began with preparations for the Academic Breakfast at Keira’s middle school.  The PTO works so hard to organize this event each year and it is a wonderful honor for the children in school who have proven academic success.  Parents and students enjoy breakfast together and children are recognized by the principal for their hard work.

Many of Keira’s friends were there and they are all such sweet girls.  I feel so lucky that my daughter has such nice and kind friends in school.  I know these years will not be easy but she has formed some wonderful friendships and bonds that I’m sure will help her along the way.

After that wonderful event, I headed over to Maia’s 3rd Grade End of the Year Party!  
Another sweet group of kids and a lot of fun was had with snacks, games and a simple craft.  The children are looking forward to summertime and this was a nice way for them to enjoy some time together before school is out next week.
Then last but certainly not least, I headed over to Brianna’s End of the Year Party in the courtyard of her school.  

The children enjoyed games and crafts.  It was so awesome to see Brianna actively participating in the games, laughing with her friends and talking.  A dream come true.  She and her friend were the last survivors in the water balloon toss.  That thing would not break!

She was so proud of herself.

And of course the party wouldn’t have been a party without the ducklings.  They are being sent to a loving farm to live together.  They are so bonded and sweet.  The children love it when they make patterns like this.

Here is Brianna with one of her closest little friends.  Another sweet girl and the first girl Bree went on a playdate with… ever.  I feel so lucky that my children are all so happy this year and I pray for another good year for them when they return in the Fall.

Sadly, my friend Eric Langlois is still missing.  Tons of friends and family have devoted countless hours searching for him.  We have not given up hope but so much time has passed.  I am praying for a miracle for his sweet children and young wife.  Please join me in my efforts.  Last night a friend and I went to look around where he became missing.  The strong rains have made everything so difficult.  I can’t imagine what his family is going through each day and night that passes without him.

We know our chances are slipping away but we refuse to give up hope.  #findericlanglois

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