Peace Dear Eric

This is how I choose to remember you.  As a loving, hands-on, fun and an adored father.  All of those crazy morning drop-offs, forgotten lunches and silly laughs… I will remember Ryder jumping up and running into your arms hard enough to push you over at pick-up time and Avery talking endlessly about how talented you were and how she has a camera too just like Daddy.  I will remember you inspiring me with your creativity and telling me I was an artist and should pursue that part of me more when we spoke and I shared my hobbies with you.  I will remember how much you loved Amber and how envious I was of the love you both shared… as partners, best friends and lovers.  You will be so missed.  There is a hole in the hearts of everyone who met you.  Thank you for the light you brought to us while you were here.  I promise to be a part of Avery, Ryder and your new child’s life and give them love and a warm place to visit whenever they need it.


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