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It’s August and our garden is still growing.  It doesn’t always happen at the pace that I hope for but each day we can pick a few things and enjoy them.  We have a lot of cucumbers.  Both the type for salads and pickling.  

 Every once in awhile a beautiful weed pops up that I just can’t bring myself to pull.  Look at this beauty!

This year I planted one Okra plant but have absolutely no idea what to do with it.  If anyone has good recipes, I’d love to hear about them.

This is the first year my corn has been successful (so far!).  It is so neat to see the baby corn growing on each stalk.  The girls cannot wait until its time to harvest these.

I have not yet had one tomato turn red.  The plants all seem to be doing well but I had assumed I’d have plenty of tomatoes before August.  I hope they make it before the weather gets too cool.

 Look at this HUGE cucumber we grew!

Green beans have always been the easiest thing for me to grow where we live.  We get plenty and they need very little care.

The carrots are still not big enough for picking.  We are going to have a TON of them when they finally are ready.

Lettuce was awesome this year.  We had plenty of salads but it has finally come to an end.  No more lettuce left for picking.

My raspberry bush has only produced a few berries and they are taking FOREVER to ripen.  I’m not sure if this is the norm with these bushes or what but it is frustrating.

We picked all of our onions.  They were very small but I think it was the type that I planted (I don’t remember what I bought).  We have them tucked away to use for dinners and have enjoyed many of them already.

 This squash made me so happy this week.  It is an acorn squash and it is just growing and growing.  So exciting!

We picked only one zucchini so far and another one has grown now.  I originally had three plants but slugs got into the stem of one and rotted it out so now we only have two plants.  I’m curious to see how many grow from them.

I thought this was an acorn squash but now I’m realizing that it is most likely butternut.  I planted a bunch of different varieties in one area and was not good about marking down which was which.

How’s is your garden growing?  I should have planted Fall crops midway through but did not.  My pumpkin and squash plants are doing very well though and will suffice.  Next year I hope to add a few more boxes and expand my garden by another 50%.  I’m not sure I’ll bother tackling broccoli, brussel sprouts or cabbage though… it was too much of an uphill battle.

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