Winter Cold

It has been freezing and snowy the last few weeks.  We’ve been doing all that we can to keep busy and warm.  I purchased a beautiful extra bulky wool yarn to make this simple Snowboarder Hat with.  It’s been a good in-between project as I put the finishing touches on a more complicated gift for my neighbor.  The yarn is warm and feels good to work with on cold winter days and nights.  

The winter is so beautiful when captured in photos but the freezing temperatures haven’t allowed us to do a lot of outdoor activities.   Between school and events, we’ve enjoyed indoor things like Fun Factor and the Mall.  Not my favorite choices but the temperatures can be unsafe so there is little we can do about it.

I really don’t know how the winter animals stand it.  I’ve been spoiling the birds a bit too much I think.  They have come to depend upon the food I put outside each day and I’ve even gone as far as putting out some pieces of wool and a blanket propped up on our deck so they can get a reprieve.

Of course, Stoli and Caicos love getting outside and terrorizing the birds and eating any seed left on the ground.

I have so many projects to finish up.  I definitely procrastinate and get bored easily so start new projects before the others are done.  I think I may enjoy searching for patterns and yarn more than I do actually knitting and crocheting!

The beautiful male Cardinal keeps coming to my feeder.  There are many different spiritual meanings that are said about this bird when it arrives.  I’ve heard it can be loved ones who have passed on coming to let you know they are near.

One of my favorite meanings is “The caring manor of a male cardinal can remind us that we are never really alone, that there is a father above who will always protect and care for us.”  Regardless of my personal religious beliefs at this time in my life, I do truly believe there is something more and I am going to use these pretty sightings as a reminder of just that.

The Snowboarder’s Hat came out cute but too small for my head!  Luckily, we have a houseful of girls willing to claim any unexpected projects for their own. Maia grabbed this one and has been wearing it every day since.

I have been making a habit of lighting a fire each day.  It is one of the things I like most about this season.  We used to have a gas insert and I ended up wanting to take it out because I missed the realness of the wood burning and the smell of a real fire.  I haven’t regretted it.

The house is always busy with things to do, the girls, their friends and tons of laundry and housework.  In between I’ve been trying to keep up with helping at our shop as well as maintaining my publishing and writing.  It sure isn’t an easy balance and there is SO much I want to get done and it seems so little time.

I just remind myself that my children will only be little once and to try and savor each moment while I can.  Most of the time, that helps.  Other times, I breathe.

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