((Yarn Along))

Well sort of.  The idea behind Yarn Along is to post a photo or photos of what you are knitting/crocheting and reading.  Unfortunately, although I have so many beautiful books I could have thrown in this photo, I have to be honest that I’ve found very little time to read at all and rarely do.

In either case, I have been busy with yarn so I guess that counts for something 🙂

On Monday, Brian and I went into NYC to the Natural Museum of History and then the Billy Joel concert.

Both were amazing and the train ride back and forth gave me a good three hours of time to work on Maia’s Roselette Top.

I already made one for Brianna and I promised Maia one as well so I’m happy it is coming along.

In addition to Maia’s top, I’m almost done putting the finishing touches on this sweet Baby Hooded Sweater for my neighbor’s baby.  It’s taken me longer than expected (as it always does) and the baby is a few months old already but at least it is still FREEZING enough in Connecticut for her to get some use out of it, I hope!

What will I work on next?  I have one sock done that’s been sitting in my knitting bag for over a year.  Maybe it’s time to think about the other one?

What are you working on?

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