Backyard Maple Syruping

There are many really awesome things about living in New England and Maple Syruping is definitely one of them.  We have an abundance of maples in Connecticut and it is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.  This past Saturday we attended a class on Backyard Maple Syruping at a farm we are members of.  The class was very informational and really gave us all of the basics on what we needed to get started.   
 With the weather warming up in the 40’s this week, it is a perfect time to give it a try.  We went home and started simple with inexpensive buckets and lids and spouts that were gifted to us by a maple syrup farm nearby.  
 The biggest challenge for us is definitely identifying maples in the winter.  While the bark can be easy to spot in a mature tree, younger trees look different and I found it quite confusing.  The teacher at our class taught us that maples are one of the few trees that have adjacent branches which really helps but when trees are VERY tall, it is hard to see for sure.  
 I think we did ok.  If not, we will be making Oak and Birch syrup I guess.  🙂  My spouts are leaking a bit so I am going to hammer them in more but we are finally getting some syrup.  It is slow but steady.  
Tomorrow is supposed to rain so I’m a little anxious about what to do.  I used tubing and secured the lids but I’m not convinced the rain won’t get into our makeshift supplies.  I may either try to cover any openings with tape or even bag around the bucket.  
Do any of you do this in your own backyards?  Stay tuned to see if it works out for us!  

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