Life Moves…

It moves fast sometimes… bringing you here, there and everywhere in a blink.  That’s often what I feel… like my life is flashing by.  So many beautiful moments but hardly time to keep up with them all, never mind document.

If you are still here in my space reading.  Thank you.  I know my posts can have long pauses in between…

This month has been a busy one… it’s also awakened me to many things.  First things first… my wonderful, sweet daughters… we’ve had celebrations that I have not had time to post…
My oldest daughter has turned 20 years old.  Is that possible?  I must seem very old to you… I swear I’m not, I’m not!
But somehow – some way… I raised an adult human being.  Here she is:
She is beautiful and wonderful… so brilliant and deep.  She is loving and sensitive and wants to save the world just like me. I believe she will.
I also have a child entering teenagehood.  Such a confusing and emotional time but this beautiful, sweet girl has strength and a knowing that is guiding her.
Keira had a “backwards” party with all of her friends and we did EVERYTHING backwards… hair, clothing, decorations, cupcakes, you name it.  It was SO much fun.  I am very lucky that she allows me to know her so deeply and that she lets me into her world and to get to know her friends so well.
Besides many fun games, we went outside and enjoyed making S’Mores by the fire.  The girls played flashlight tag and it reminded me so much of my own childhood when I was a little older and I moved to Connecticut.  I am so grateful that my girls have the ability to make these beautiful memories with their girlfriends.  I am even MORE grateful that my daughters have such wonderful and kind friends. 
In the meantime, we’ve been waiting and waiting for Spring but it just doesn’t totally come.  We started our seeds and plotted out an amazing garden this year. 
Indoors Spring has gone very very well…
Outdoors… well… not so much:
But eventually the snow melted and once in awhile the weather warmed up and we kept on with our gardening… we recently planted a bunch of fruit trees – cherry, peach and three apple trees.  
And, I begged for chickens but my husband would not agree.. so I got myself a sweet little bunny instead.
And she will be an indoor bunny but will have time during the Spring and Summer months to spend in fresh air outside.
These types of “catch-up” posts seem rushed to me as each topic could have been a post of it’s own but I’m glad I can at least document these moments, even briefly.  
I’ve spent a lot of time these last few months putting my energy toward places that I really felt I was making a difference.  And while I was, I was neglecting many parts of my life that took decades for me to find and embrace like writing, gardening, crafting and creating.  After a few new experiences, I am going to once again try to find where my energy is best served and refocus a bit.  I hope to be back here more as a result.

Happy Spring!

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