Make a Solstice Sundial!

Happy Summer Solstice from Little Acorn Learning!  Here is a very fun and easy activity you can do with your children to celebrate this beautiful, light-filled festival from our June 5 Day Program.

Solstice Sundial
In times past, the sundial was a useful tool and a staple in every mother’s garden.  Spend time this week making one with your child and journaling about what you find.
Supplies Needed:
Shallow Bowl, Wood Disc or Plate (wood is best)
Wooden Dowel
Hot Glue

Hot Glue the dowel in a standing position in the center of your bowl or plate.  Mark the hour spaces with a light line with a marker or paint.  Wait to write the numbers in until you test it outdoors each hour on the hour.  Bring your sundial to a sunny location outside.  Keep the dial in the exact same location.  Go out on each hour that you wish to mark the time.  You can outline the shadow of the dowel on your dial as a record or make a sketch in your Nature Notebook.  Enjoy!!!

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