Flower Pot Compost

Flower Pot Compost
Composting is a cost-effective and safe way to fertilize your home garden and also helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.   

The absolute best way to teach children about the importance of sustainable living and protecting our environment is by modeling the behavior ourselves.  This fun and educational activity will give children an opportunity to compost just like grown-ups do but on a smaller scale.  Children love to get their hands dirty and will be so excited to have their very own special flower thriving in nutrient rich-soil that they help to create themselves. 

·         organic potting soil
·         compostable food scraps (no meat or dairy)
·         large flower pot
·         flower to plant
·         shovel/large spoon
·         garbage bag
·         large pot lid or heavy item
To begin, have children fill their flower pot ¼ of the way full with organic soil. 
After a family meal together, add compostable food scraps until your pot is filled to the halfway point.  

Cover the food scraps with a light layer of your organic soil. 
Cover the flower pot with a garbage bag and tie tight.  Add a heavy lid on top and place your pot outdoors in direct sunlight.
Every few days, add a small amount of water to your pot and stir well.  Cover tightly again and keep in sunlight. 
After a few weeks, the food will turn into soil!  Have the children place a special flower or plant inside the pot to care for and enjoy! 

Eileen Straiton is a work-at-home mother to four daughters. She writes and publishes Waldorf inspired ebooks and facilitates ecourses for parents, teachers and caregivers at Little Acorn Learning.  For many years, Eileen applied her love of nature-based learning in her work as owner and lead teacher at Little Acorn Playgarden in Brookfield, Connecticut. Visit her blog, Eileen’s Place, for more great ideas and activities.




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