October’s Moon and Verses to Share

It’s a beautiful month for moon watching and charting.  Maia’s 5th grade class is keeping a Moon Phase log and the timing couldn’t be better.  
Yesterday there was a total lunar eclipse of the Full Hunter’s Moon.  Native Americans called it the Hunter’s Moon as it signifies a time to go hunting in preparation for the winter cold.  We are preparing for the cold and a new season.  We’ve decided to buy a wood stove to help with our heating costs and because I love making fires each day when it’s cold outside.  And for a new season in life, I’ve been trying to prepare an office space for full time writing after I’m done working on a big fundraiser that ends at our middle school next week.  
Here are a few sweet verses you can share with your children this month:

~Moon, So Round~
Polish Folk Song
Moon, so round and bright,
Looking from on high,
How I love to see you there,
Shining in the sky!
Where are you at morn,
When the night is past,
When the sun comes peeping down
Over the hills at last?
 ~My Guardian Angel~
Folk Song, arranged by Johannes Brahms
My guardian angel, pure and bright, 
God’s face forever seeing,
Protect me and guide my path aright,
While I have breath and being.
When day departs and night is near, 
Thy light in me be shining; 
Teach me all evil deeds to fear,
My heart too good inclining.  

I remember when Keira had this project in the very same class.  While I do not believe in homework the way it is structured in our society, I do appreciate this type of learning at home because it bring children closer to nature and fosters a connection to the rhythms of the earth.  And it also brings the family together which should be done more often.

  ~The October Huntsman~
The huntsman through the greenwood came,
His heart was bent on finding game;
He wandered here, he wandered there,
He wandered here, he wandered there,
A-hunting, A-hunting through greenwood fair.
His faithful hound was by this side,
They searched the greenwood far and wide;
The hound was keen,the hunter gay,
The hound was keen, the hunter gay,
Together, together A-hunting through the long, bright day.
The Little Acorn Learning October Photo Contest has also just begun!  This month’s theme is *Scarecrows and Pumpkins*  
Photography by Melissa Patton -Williams
Send us no more than 3 photos correlating to our theme and then ask family and friends to LIKE them on our Facebook Page!  The photos with the most LIKES wins a free e-book from Little Acorn Learning.  Contest ends 10/19/14
Good luck!!!!

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