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Corn Mazes and Soul Sisters

I have had many friendships and relationships in my life but I can truly count on one hand my soul connections.  Do you have those?  It’s different than a best friend or the moms you like to go grab a few drinks with on mom’s night out.  Soul connections are different.  There is a level of connection that takes you deeper with these people.  They come far and few… they can be male or female.  
Years ago when my second oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, I met one of her friend’s moms.  Instantly we just had this comfortable relationship.  And, while we do not spend time together on a regular basis.. whenever we do, it adds a layer of growth to who I am.  We’ve done mediation classes, yoga, long walks, tears, drinks, corn mazes and texts.  We share fully and openly and know we are loved and not judged. I’m not even sure I’m describing this well.. but there are certain people who you meet that you make you a better person for have knowing them.  They make you want to be a better person.  These people that help you grow. These are my soul connections and I can count them on one hand and they know who they are.
On Friday our kids had a half day from school and my soul sister texted out of the blue… she’s going to a corn maze in two hours with the kids, can I come? 
Hell yes…

Because as fun as the corn maze is for the kids, my time with her is like a full blown therapy session each time.  I leave feeling as if I have grown and that I have someone who truly understands me, without judgement, who I can share my entire self with.
The funny thing is that we let the kids go ahead of us.  And we got so entrenched in conversation… and we walked and we talked…
And we forgot to look at our map.  But the talking was so good.  And so helpful… and full.   So we talked and we walked.  In circles.  

Until soon, we realized the kids were long out of this maze… and we were… LOST.  Really lost.  
We had no idea where we were on the map… 
So we found an emergency exit.  The problem was, even that was difficult.  Thank GOD it wasn’t an emergency.  Because we almost got lost again 🙂   

But we got out… and I left that place feeling lighter and understood.  And I’m so thankful for the few people I’ve met in this lifetime that have entered this soul place with me.  Who have helped me to grow.  
We got ice cream at a creamery nearby and it was just a really great day.

And simple days filled with friendship and ice cream are the things I know I will remember most.  
And, I’m thankful.

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