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Mindful Parenting E-Course Winners!

Wow, I’m not sure we’ve ever had this amount of winners but it feels great and it really adds to the excitement of this new e-course!  We truly all could use support and encouragement as parents and caregivers and the response to a course like this should let us know we are not alone in our struggle to keep it all together.  

Our e-course starts tomorrow but do not worry if you join in or sign-up late.  You can pick up right where we are and have access to the same content.  If you were not chosen as a winner but would still like to join us, please do so at

If you ARE a winner, you must email us directly at info (at) telling us who you are, what you won and we will then provide you with the download information and/or payment information with your discount.  We recommend you do this as soon as possible so you can begin with the class.

I am looking forward to starting 2015 with you and working together toward becoming the parents our children need us to be.


5 Winners of FREE Enrollment!
 ClothDiaperClub said…
I have come to realize that all the good ideas and books are of no help at all if you don’t know how to make it work in your life. I spend more time thinking about the things I want to do with the kids than actually implementing them. Any kind of help in that area would be such a blessing!
 Dori said…
Just in time for the New Year, my family would be blessed if “mama”-me, took this course. I could use the inspiration in our homeschool. Thank you for such a wonderful offering! Blessings- Dori
 Lizzie said…
I have been trying for a while to find rhythm and ‘do’ everything. It was wonderful to see a course like this and know that sometime I may find a way to get things together for my boys.
 Catherine Lowe said…
Winning this would rock my little guys world! I have been so caught up last year with heading back to work and juggling pre-pep as a single parent I feel all my parenting ideals have flown out the window as we hit survival mode. This course will inspire me to bring back the magic into our lives and celebrate the simple things once again. I would be so grateful for the gift of this course. Thank you. C
Anonymous Hilary said…
I need this course as I am grieving a great loss, and trying to remember the great mom I am. I have an 18 year old, 8 year old, 5 year old and a 9 month old. thanks for the chance.
5 Winners 50% OFF!
Anonymous amanda C said…
We could really use this course! I have come to realize that I do “all the motions” of parenting but most of the time I am not really “there”. I really need some assistance on focusing and being actively present in my children’s lives.
Brandi said…
I have four children ranging in age from 7 months to 7 years old. Homeschooling keeps us busy…I love incorporating Waldorf things and this course would be wonderful.
Tammy H said…
Would love this to start the new year! what a great opportunity. ~Tammy H.
 dan said…
Wow, what an awesome opportunity, thank you!
Somewhere back there I lost it and have been trying to find my way back to a more peaceful, calm, mindful way of parenting my two girls. They deserve more than I am giving them at this moment. I have been making headway but its a two steps forward, one step backwards process. Maybe this would help give me some extra steps forward.
Again, thanks for this giveaway and also for organizing this course for those of us who have found ourselves somewhere we don’t want to be.
Jodi said…
Thank you for offering this give-away! You have made my afternoon/evening very exciting! I read your blog and have purchased some of your offerings which have been helpful in our home. We are heading back into the school routine tomorrow and this course would fit right in for ME! This course offers the COMMUNITY that I desire and would be a great kick-start to the new year. Thank you!
5 Winners 25% OFF!
ashadele said…
This course would be such a blessing to myself and my children! I am still new to Waldorf, but I incorporated the Adent and Saint Nicholas ebook into our lives this season and it was wonderful!! I have wanted to incorporate Waldorf into my homeschool, but I have been really overwhelmed with where to start. Little Acorn Leaning has the hand holding that I am looking for! This course would be a tremendous blessing for our family and the other children in our lives. Blessings….ashleigh
Anonymous Clara E. said…
We just adopted our second child, and I’m so frazzled most days! I need remainders/lessons on how to keep centered and in the moment…especially when both the boys need my attention.
Anonymous Robin R said…
I have loved using LAL since 2005! I now have 4 kids and homeschool them and definitely could use the extra help!
Wolfe Family said…
We would love help with our intentional parenting practices. We have 2 kids, one with autism. We struggle to keep things simple and I feel this e-course would help provide us with a roadmap for that.
I need this course! I have 3 kids and I run 2 preschool programs and I feel so overwhelmed by what I should do!


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