Happy Three Kings Day & The Epiphany!

I just love saying that word “epiphany”.  🙂 

Photo and craft by Jennifer Tan of Syrendell as in our Three Kings Day & The Epiphany E-Book

Wow things have been really busy these last five days and my commitment to focusing more on my business and making changes in my daily routines have been going well so far.  I know myself well though and consistency and discipline is what I struggle most with when it comes to balancing work and family.

Today began my first Mindful Parenting E-Course and I hope that I get as much from it as the students.  I have so many wonderful ideas that I have to balance with keeping the e-course simple and obtainable so members can make changes without getting more overwhelmed than they already are.  And while I have a wonderful outline, I am absolutely putting out fresh ideas each day and I hope it serves the members of the course well.  It is not too late to join us, all emails and class posts will be available to you at any time you sign up!

In the e-course, I plan on focusing upon the following key areas that I have identified in my life that need equal attention in order to obtain true balance as a parent and caregiver:

We will work together to try to create habits that help us to prepare our week ahead, establish and maintain routines in our homes, add beauty to the places we dwell, slowly organize our spaces and create peaceful and loving homes and schools for the children who depend upon us.  As fun as beautiful crafts can be, children – more than anything – need rhythm, consistency and an environment that is predictable.  Focusing here and on ourselves (in the next item) is the MOST important thing.
Self (Body/Mind/Soul):
We will learn to take time out each week for ourselves as often as possible to breathe, meditate, stretch, exercise, get fresh air, be creative, explore our talents, turn off media and background noise, connect with friends and our community, eat clean food, drink water, get proper rest, journal and slow down to pay attention to the world around us.
We will incorporate (slowly) simple activities, songs, stories and ideas that create a soothing presence around the children we care for.  We will remind one another to include children in the daily tasks of running a home and school so they can learn practical life skills by modeling our behavior.  We will slow down and remember that we are being watched and it is our responsibility to be worthy of imitation.  We will work harder to provide healthier meals, better rest, more outdoor time and less media so our children can thrive and develop optimally.  
We will look at easy and attainable ideas to bring the seasons and festivals into our homes and schools.  We will slowly consider how this particular time of year plays into our lives, as caregivers, on a deeper and more spiritual level.  We will include songs, stories, books and crafts when we feel able in order to create a home filled with seasonal spirit.  We will NOT blame ourselves when we cannot fit these things in.  Caring for our environment, self-care and being a more mindful and present parent outweighs this and should always take precedence over crafts and activities.  
Parent Education:
Along the way, I will send writings, links, tools, quotes and adult book recommendations that I feel will help you learn and grow as a parent and teacher.  Taking a course like this is a wonderful first step but in order to break old habits, we need knowledge to back it up.  I am also working on a potential guest speaker call to bring more ideas into our group.  

Today the group focused on adding simple meditation, routines and a mantra to their days ahead and looking forward to get a clear understanding of their obligations and commitments this week so they can work around that framework.

I LOVE the crafting, singing, stories and activities that I include in my guides – but the truth is that these are bonuses and the most important thing we can do as caregivers is to take care of the needs of our homes, our “selves” and our children.  

For that reason, I will only offer simple ideas for celebrating Three Kings Day tomorrow and through the week to students (yes it is OK if you celebrate later in the week or not at all!!).  But, if you do want to celebrate, take a look at the Little Acorn Learning January 2015 Newsletter for some fun ideas and activities.  

Is this a new festival for you and your family to celebrate?  In what simple ways will you bring the joy of the season into your home or school this week?  

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