Candlemas Day and Making Snow Candles!

Today is Candlemas and also Groundhog’s Day.  We had a big snowstorm last night, schools are closed and I’m pretty sure the Groundhog isn’t coming out any time soon!!  
My Mindful Parenting E-Course is also coming to an end.  It was wonderful to spend 5 weeks writing and supporting a group of parents who are hoping to move through life more intentionally.  I found, as usual, that the universe constantly provides me with what I need to write about at the correct time.  This week, we are focusing on asking for help when we need it most, as well as reaching outside of our family lives to connect with our community and find the support we need.  
I have been lucky to find true community in the town I live in.  Becoming active in the schools and town on a deeper level has brought me together with some of the most wonderful people I’ve known, people who I now call close friends. 
Because of this connection, my children also benefit.  They meet familiar faces in their day to day lives at school and their sense of “family” extends far beyond our little home.  I’m so grateful to live where I live and can’t believe it took me 15 years of living here to finally branch out and get to know
my neighbors and the rest of my town.  I encourage the rest of you to make the time to do the same.  

So today is Candlemas… how do you celebrate?

Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day stem from the very ancient festival of Imbolc which is one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals.
The term “Candlemas” comes from a very old Christian custom of blessing the candles on this day.  It is the halfway point of Winter when we can look ahead to the warmer days of Spring that are on the way.
A fun way to celebrate this special day is to make candles together.  It is also customary to eat pancakes on this day – so maybe have a pancake dinner?  

Where I live with all this snow – it is a PERFECT day to make Snow Candles!!!  We made these last year and the girls loved it so much!  

Happy Candlemas to You!!

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