Day One of Clean Eating…and a Spring Sale!

Ok here’s the thing, no matter how hard I try – how many ways I make them – where they come from – or what they are combined with…. I HATE EGGS!
Isn’t it strange? Everybody seems to love them. But, ever since I was a little girl, I just cannot stand the taste of them.  It makes me cringe. Yuck.  Bleck.
More specifically it’s the white of the egg. I like the yolk, especially dipped with rye toast. But the white is just gross.
SO.  Even though I am committed to two weeks of trying to eat clean (starting today). I am also committed to not ruining delicious meals with eggs. Ever. Again.Yuck.
Luckily, I saved some of this asparagus salad without the egg so I was still able to eat lunch. I’ve also been forcing myself to drink water (another thing I’m not crazy about but I’ll take it any day over eggs). AND, I tried to rejoin my gym but the woman at the desk told me if I waited until later this month when they hold open house the registration fee would be waived. So, I’ll wait. I should walk each day… but that takes even more motivation.  😉
In other news, Spring starts on Friday. Can you believe this? We still have a LOT of snow on the ground and it even snowed here some last night. My neighbor asked me if I’ve started planning out my garden and started my indoor seeds. I paused and had to remember what month we were in. I haven’t. I will try to work on it this week. That seems a little overwhelming to me right now but it needs to get done.
Oh, and there is a Sweet Spring Sale over on my website. Grab 25% off four amazing spring e-books to get you in the mood. 
Happy Spring!

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