Day Two of Clean Eating… And, Spring is Coming?

Ok… a few observations.  Eating “truly clean” requires a lot of work.  But, I absolutely love to cook.  So much.  And, I have a brand new kitchen so even washing the dishes (in my new farm sink!!!) is exciting. 
I could never do this much prep work each day if I worked outside of the house. I have such great respect for the many friends that I know who do work full time and take the weekends to pre-plan and prep their meals for the week.
Next… the food preparation has been a blessing.  It has slowed me down. I find that I am thinking a lot more as I cut, chop, mix and wash. I’ve come up with a few good ideas for my business and I’ve thought deeper about some things that have been weighing on my mind.  
Back in 2008, I started baking bread with my girls each Friday. 
We have since lost that disciplined routine, although I hope to bring it back… but one of the things I noticed back then was how the time involved in making the bread for the family must have, in itself, been a gift.  An excuse even… to just slow down. “Something as simple as baking was probably a time for mothers to slow down and go within. A time to process life.”
I have trouble slowing down. I’ve realized it’s not from lack of desire. I know the importance of it.  I’ve noticed lately that oftentimes other people in my life and society in general are putting the pressure on me to keep it moving. Faster. More. Produce.
I know how short life is. I am happy to produce but I’d also like to just enjoy and BE.
As much as we shouldn’t need an excuse, having a reason such as baking, cooking for the family, exercising and more is definitely a gift in this fast paced world. At least you can say you are “doing” something, right?  Ugh – how horrible! 
When you commit to eating non-processed foods and cooking clean, you are filling up your days with more work. This I realize but I welcome it and the opportunity to slow things down a bit.
My girls love all different types of foods. I’ve tried to expose them to different things since they were young. We make cooking, trying new recipes and restaurants fun and so they are not afraid of different flavors and textures most of the time. I’m very thankful for that.  
I’ve also noticed that since I’ve gotten my beautiful new sink – I want to hand wash my dishes more.  I know, I know – this will die a quick death.  But for now, I’ve been washing and happy to do so.
Lastly, Facebook has really taken away from blogland.  I used to feel an obligation to post every birthday and milestone here and now I am content because I posted it on Facebook. My oldest daughter just had her 21st birthday and to say I am proud of her is an understatement. She is just simply amazing.
Which one of us is 21?
Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox.  I would love to offer something fun for all of you to celebrate.  We are expecting a snowstorm here in Connecticut so it’s actually pretty funny that it will be the first day of Spring.  
Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see what I come up with.  You just may get something FREE.

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