The Winners of SPRING…

I just got home from SUCH a long day. One of my daughters was part of an Odyssey of the Mind team and today was the final competition. We have been working SO hard for months and while we didn’t win this year, our town won BIG time and we are so very proud of all of our teammates.

It’s been a lot of work. I volunteer a lot but this was honestly one of the biggest challenges/commitments I’ve ever had to face working with a young group toward a goal. It wasn’t always easy but we really did great and I am so proud of our team.

The snow has finally stopped falling in Connecticut (on the first day of Spring) so I guess I can announce our giveaway winners now.  f your comment is listed below, please email us at info (at) with your name and the fact that you won a FREE Spring Festivals E-Book and we will send it your way!

Oh… I should admit, I had a non-processed SLIP!  I’ve been so so good and I even brought all clean snacks for myself today along with a salad.  But, after hour 4 or 5 I caved and grabbed a handful of my daughter’s Doritos as we were waiting at the competition.


But, I’m back on track tomorrow. Progress, not perfection.  xoxo

Thank you all for participating and… HAPPY SPRING – wherever you are – (even if it’s still snowing!)

Blogger ashadele said…
I am a homeschooling mama of two adventurous little boys! We live in the Pacific Northwest in beautiful Coeur D’alene Idaho. We noticed today the first little blooms of flowers in our backyard. The boys have been busy building our gnomes little homes out of bark and pinecones. We are all ready for our little woodsy friends to come out and play!
Blogger Anna Rose said…
I teach a Nature and Art Based Kindergarten in Saskatchewan, Canada. We’ve had unusually warm weather for the last few months, and were enjoying lots of puddles and mud right up until today – the first day of Spring – we got a bunch more snow. My class and I have been celebrating diversity – learning about Rainbows, and we decided to paint the snow. I diluted some tempra paint in squirt bottles, and we painted the snow all around our school yard, then some boulders, as well. When we came inside, I had set up a story called “The Rainbow and the Antelope” to share a creation myth introducing seeds (and how to plant them) – we planted popcorn to start in our indoor garden. 
Blogger Diana Gozenput said…
It’s my son’s 3rd birthday, and I remember walking to the hospital in a tank top and shorts to deliver! Same day, 3 years later, it is snowing and beautifully cold!
Blogger Sasha Sandenskog said…
Here in Sweden it is unusually warm and we have a distinct lack of snow – even the snowdrops are out! 🙂
Blogger Finamoon said…
Did 1-3. 4. We live in Oregon. Our first day of Spring was rainy, but I still went and planted some Blueberry bushes 🙂 We had a bit of sun now and then peaking through the clouds. I love that the buds are starting to bloom and the daffodils are out. My friend has this gorgeous flowering quince in his front yard and all the humming birds were out buzzing around it. It was lovely. My email is websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com if I win. Thanks!

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