Go for a Listening Walk to Celebrate Earth Day!

Today in the Little Acorn Learning Caregiver’s Calendar, the daily activity is to take your children on a Listening Walk. What a nice activity to do with children of all ages the day before Earth Day!

What is a Listening Walk?

There are many fun ways to do this.

You can make a list of things that your children may hear and have them check it off like a scavenger hunt

What did you hear?

  • Birds
  • Wind blowing
  • Cars
  • A dog barking
  • Water dripping
  • Children playing

You can give your child a pad and colored pencils or crayons, go for a silent walk while listening and ask them to sit quietly at the end and draw the things they hear around them.

At the end of your walk, have the children sit in one place as still as can be and close their eyes. Tell them to try their hardest to not make a movement or a sound and only breathe calmly and listen to what is around them. These little lessons in meditation and mindfulness will be very helpful to them as they grow up.

Here are some sweet books you can read with the children before you go for your walk:

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