Walk into Spring

Finally! This winter has dragged on for me for so many reasons –  the cold being one of them, of course. We would get a taste of warm weather and then a snowstorm, over and over again and it is really hard to handle when it is that freezing bitter cold that numbs you both physically and mentally.  I’m trying not to get too excited but today I went for a walk and was so happy to see flowers blooming all around my neighborhood. Can it really be Spring? 
I have not even thought about my garden this year. No plan, no seeds indoors.. nothing. And the dandelions are popping up along with other flowers which means the ground is ready to plant. I will have to direct sow my seeds this year and hope everything grows.

I’ve been walking and exercising a lot lately. In addition to spin class which I love, I recently got a FitBit and have been competing with some other (crazy) competitive people like myself.  And, I’ve been walking everywhere to try to win… around my dining room table ten times, around the neighborhood, at my children’s sports practices – you name it.  I feel like Forrest Gump (minus the running part). Today Keira walked with me while Maia practiced lacrosse…
I love the little messages I get from Mother Earth when I walk and look closely.  Today this heart rock right in my path…

At the shore this pretty sand dollar:

Walking is good therapy. On the beach, I looked behind me to see my footsteps leading me to where I am. 

Then when I looked ahead of me there was untouched sand, ready for me to decide which footprints to leave on it. For now, I’ll just take in the view and stand still.

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