Sew it Seams…

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to sew … and if I’m honest, it’s been even longer since I’ve put things aside and spent time crafting with my girls like I used to. When you become entrenched in things you are passionate about, it is easy to let go of the simple, less pressing activities that really bring the most joy into every day living. And when you take a step back and look at where your energy has been going – sometimes you need to make a conscious decision to readjust things. 
I’m committed to refocusing on many of the sweet little things I spent so much time on at home with my girls that I’ve not made the time to do in awhile… sewing, painting, baking, gardening, reading. the things we all love so much and that have helped us become so close with one another. The things that really matter and are valued by those you care about and love.

 We have a family thing of making eye pillows. I used to sell them to a yoga studio that was in town and the girls love them and sleep with them each night. We keep them in the freezer and they are a go-to in our house … sometimes they are boo-boo packs, sometimes they are used for meditating and at night they always run to grab one right before bedtime. It’s been awhile since we have made any and the ones we have left around have pretty much seen their day. It’s also a really easy project for children who are just learning to sew.  And, ever since Bree took a sewing class after school.. that is all she has been asking to do.

Usually we just fill them with flax seed and lavender or another herb like mugwort (which is supposed to help inspire some pretty cool dreams). We didn’t have much flax so we mixed what we did have with dried rice.  
Maia’s eye pillow matches her new braces 🙂 
I saved my old machine with the hope that my girls would use it one day so it was nice to finally give it some use. I was considering getting another machine or two and maybe even teaching a children’s sewing class once per week. There are cute children’s sewing curriculums I found online.  I would also like to offer knitting and crochet classes for children if I can put something together too. And I’m trying to build up my nature classes and also write some new curriculum for Little Acorn Learning.  Focus.. focus.. focus – not always easy for me.
Just a remind that our Identification Contest ends later today… I will post the random winner later tonight.  
Good luck!

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