Preschool in the Woods…

I love our little nature school in the woods. I really would love to grow this program and have it be something that runs a few days per week. If you live near Brookfield, CT, please be sure to call our town’s Park and Recreation to find out what programs I am running or contact me directly at info (at) 

This time I promised the children we would spend some time at the pond. We read a sweet story about pond life and Mr. Tom braved the waters for us and took some samples that we could examine. 

We learned that algae is a very small plant that lives on the surface of the water and it is low on the food chain and very important for the environment. 

This particular algae is called “duckweed algae”. I found that out after our class through a friend so I will teach that to the children the next time we meet. 

I will miss these little children. This class was not a long session. I hope they will consider enrolling in another one of my classes or programs this summer. You get pretty attached when you spend so much time with one another learning and talking.

On our way back we found a little friend… 

It always seems that right toward the end of school we find a little surprise… a nest, a lizard a toad..
I hope you are able to spend some time in nature with your children this weekend.

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