Learning Together in Nature

This little video says it all.. this is exactly why I love doing what I do so much.  It was taken the very last day of the Forest Preschool session and is such a beautiful memory for me to capture. 
 I love that the weather is warm and we can be outside so much again.  School is still in session until Thursday but the girls have been enjoying playing in the back woods, in the garden area and in our pool after school each day.  It makes striving for media-free more realistic in our home when the weather is nice like this.  Those very cold nasty winters are hard to handle sometimes.
One of the wonderful parts about running outdoor programs in town is that my own children get to come to work with me.  I take Maia and Bree to Nature Club on Saturdays with me and I love being able to share these outdoor learning moments together and still help provide for my family financially. 

 We did so many fun things together in both the forest preschool and nature club programs.  We learned about life cycles, went on fun scavenger hunts.. leaf hunts…
Played outside with new friends in the fresh air for hours…

Collected some bugs, climbed some trees… 

 Found some cool discoveries… 

Identified trees

by sorting and analyzing their leaves and looking up which species they came from.

It’s been busy… and fun… and soon I will be starting new classes in my home such as Nature Detectives where we will make sundials, dissect owl pellets, learn about metamorphosis and create a weather watcher.  I also will be teaching a learning to crochet class and a waldorf friends class for smaller children.  
I’m excited about the great response to these programs in town and I’m also trying to keep my online writing active as well as the photo contests and newsletters for Little Acorn Learning and my e-book sales.  I’ve been working on my new website for over a year now but have not been able to put the hours into it that I need to launch.  It’s busy but I’ve missed focusing on my work this way and as long as I can keep a good routine in place, I think I will be able to create some balance.

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