Autumn Came, With Wind and Gold…

Autumn is here and the girls and I have been taking every opportunity we can to soak in all of the beautiful colors, sights, activities and abundance this time of year offers us. I try to take them apple picking each year together and it has become a fun tradition for us that we look forward to as Fall approaches.
I love walking around our property when the seasons change like this and capturing as much of it as I can in photos. The colors of the trees are in full change right now in Connecticut and we have acorns, hickory nuts, pinecones and so many leaves on the ground.  
Our local farmer’s market is just wonderful this month too. I’ve been volunteering my time a little bit to help manage it and it feels so good to support local farmers. We hope to grow the market as the years go by and I’m excited about the possibilities.   

I love that the weather is getting more crisp and we can put on our woodstove and bundle up when we go outside. It’s cozy and awesome knitting and reading weather. 
We went to a fun corn maze and picked our own pumpkin. It was the first time we actually went to a place where you cut the pumpkin off the vine and it was a fun experience.  It was hard to find a good pumpkin though as the field was pretty much picked over but we found an area that was blocked off and one big, perfect pumpkin was there just waiting for us.  It weighed 11 lbs and we can’t wait to carve it. Our garden hasn’t done as well this year as it has in previous years so we did not grow our own pumpkin in our garden but we did grow other veggies – and we just started picking our carrots. The children in my program loved helping harvest carrots from the garden… 

And the chickens loved the carrots too! 

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