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Advent Countdown Giveaway – DAY FOUR – Caregiver’s Calendar for FREE – One Day Only!

Today is Black Friday.  It’s something that I do not usually participate in as I prefer to support the idea that the holidays do not have to be based around mindless shopping and consumerism.

Because I’m sensitive about this day, I wanted to offer something mindful for you rather than play into the buy-spend-purchase mentality that is surrounding us right now.

So, today’s Advent Countdown Giveaway will be a copy of our Caregiver’s Calendar for FREE!  

It is the 2015 Caregiver’s Calendar BUT it is filled with an entire year of ideas, suggestions and special ways to be a more mindful parent or teacher with your children and can be used no matter what the day or year.  It is a value of $9.99.  Enjoy this special gift by clicking HERE!

THIS is what I prefer to find most important during the holidays… precious time and memories made with those we love.

If you enjoy this calendar, keep your eyes open for our 2016 Caregiver’s Calendar which will be released soon.


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