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We have just reached 8,000 Likes on Facebook and we are celebrating by offering one of our members $100 in FREE ebooks from Little Acorn Learning.

Our business began humbly, created by a mother, teacher and writer who wanted to share her love of Waldorf Education and nature-based learning with others (that’s ME).
We now offer over 55 seasonal ebooks, menus, ecourses and products on the Little Acorn Learning website and have become one of the most loved resources of teachers and parents looking to weave a healthy rhythm, crafts, song, cooking, nature and seasonal celebrations into their days with children. Our program is as much for the caregiver as it is for the children.
We want to celebrate the support of our Little Acorn Community and will be giving away $100 in FREE ebooks, menus and products. See below rules to enter to win:
To Enter Our Giveaway Photo Contest:

1. Take or find a photo up to 3 photos of you or your children enjoying living and learning in the spirit of the Little Acorn Learning philosophy. This could include baking, crafting, nature explorations, circle time or domestic activities.
2. Email no more than 3 photos to info (at) with subject line ‘Little Acorn Learning Giveaway’. Inside the email please give your name, location and a sentence or two about what you love about learning with your children or using Little Acorn Learning in your home or school. Please also give permission that Little Acorn Learning may use your photos in future marketing and publications (We always give credit to your name as the photographer!)
3. Keep checking our Facebook Page and look for the photo album titled ‘Living and Learning with Little Acorn’. When you see your photos, be sure to LIKE them and share them with family & friends. Remember the photo with the most LIKES win!
4. We will close our contest on 10/27 and announce the winner on Facebook
(and also email the winner directly).

Good luck and thank you so much for your continued support helping us to make the world a little brighter, one child at a time! 

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