4 Ways to Celebrate Today’s Full Moon with Your Children

Happy New Year to All of You!

May today be the beginning of a beautiful new time and year ahead filled with peace, love and mindful presence with the children you care for.

Today is also the first full moon of January.  This moon is often referred to as the Full Wolf Moon in Native American culture.  It is a time when food becomes scarce, the cold and darkness is surrounding us and we look to go within, find warmth and strength to endure with the promise of the rebirth of Spring in the upcoming months. You can imagine the wolves and other animals in nature working toward this same sense of survival, strength and endurance at this time.

January 2018 also has a blue moon. When two full moons happen in one month, the second is referred to as a blue moon.  This year, the second moon will occur on January 31st.  This is a beautiful sign of abundance at the very start of a new, fresh year.

Ideas to celebrate the Full Moons of January:

  • Depending on where you live, consider having an outdoor winter campfire tonight.  For us, temperatures have been hitting the single digits so we will instead make a fire inside and cuddle up with some hot cocoa or tea.  
  • Take a full moon hike.  Bundle up, bring flashlights and go on a walk in the moonlight.  Be sure to take time to be still and look up at the night sky. 
  • Paint or draw the full moon or a winter scene together. 
  • Bake moon bread or cookies. Simply follow your favorite recipe and challenge the children to make the shape of moons and stars. Alternatively, cut moon and star shapes out of dough or beeswax. 

Wishing you a beautiful 2018!


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