Make Your Own Weather Wheel

This sweet activity was requested by a few of our members and comes from our October Preschool/Kindergarten Ebook
If you make one, please share it with us. We have many ways for you to share with our community: Our Blog, Facebook Page, Discussion Group and by tagging us on Instagram!
Creating a Weather Chart or Weather Wheel
Supplies Needed:
Large Piece of Cardboard
Cardboard to Cut Out Arrows
Watercolor Pencils/Markers
This is a wonderful time of year to introduce a Weather Wheel or Weather Chart to your circle time. Children will delight in looking out the window each morning to determine what type of weather is in store for the day. You can create your Weather Chart with cardboard, watercolor pencils, moving arrows (by using a brad to attach), colorful circles in the center and a drawing of the Sun, Rain, Snow and Clouds. Get creative and allow your children to participate in the process. You may like to add two arrows for those days that the weather is more than one element. Hang your chart with raffia and a stick found on your nature walk that day and keep it on the wall where you do circle time each morning.  Be sure to use your chart as you do your morning blessing which signifies what the weather is each day.

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