Caregiver Meditation: Keeping Your Child in Your Consciousness

Visualize your child in your mind.  Picture them in their absolute best light!  Wherever they are at the time (school, with friends or sleeping) imagine them happy, behaving, laughing and with a smile on their face or doing something they enjoy and are very good at.  Watch your child in your mind with pride and imagine them circled in white light and goodness.  Consciously send your full acceptance and love to them in your vision to the place that they are right now. 
You can do this for each child throughout your day.  It not only sends out an energy of love to them when you are apart (which we truly believe reaches them) but it also creates a positive vision of the child you have been put here to care for in your mind.  When we look at the beauty and goodness at the people we have in our lives, it changes the way we approach any issues that they may need our help with. We include a Caregiver Meditation each week in our childcare guides at Little Acorn Learning 

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