Afterschooling in January

Are you a parent looking for some holistic after school activities for your children? Our Waldorf-Inspired January Afterschooling Program is just what you need to create a beautiful month together.
Week One, January Sheep’s Wool, Warmth (New Years)

~ Read Stories of Wool and Warmth
~Bake a Twelfth Night Cake
(for detailed ideas on celebrating Three Kings Day
this week see our 
Three Kings EBook)~Create Your Own Felt Out of Sweaters
~Share Verses and Songs with the Children
~Implement Some New Ways to Create Warmth
in Your Home or School
~Create a Winter Woolen Playscape for Your Children
~Learn the Knit and Purl Songs on Your Pennywhistle or Flute
and Enjoy the MP3
~Read About the Benefits of Saunas and Put
Together an After-Sauna Snack
~Create a Felt Crayon Holder for Your Block Crayons
~Meditate on Warmth and What it Means in Our Lives

Week Two, January
Animals in Winter, Deep Rest

~Read Stories of Animals and Hibernation
~Share Songs and Poetry with Your Children
~Track Wildlife Prints Outdoors
~Draw Beautiful Animals with Your Beeswax Crayons
~Learn the Pentatonic Song ‘Deep Rest’ on Your Home
Instrument and Enjoy the MP3 Version
~Create and Drink Restful Herbal Tea
~Make a ‘Ta i Tre’ Touch Wood with the Children
~Meditate on What Deep Rest Means Can Do for
Your Life this New Year

Week Three, January
Snowflakes, Tolerance

~Read Stories of Snowflakes and Peace
~Share Verses and Song to Welcome the Snow
~Study Snowflakes Up Close
~Teach Children the Beauty of Diversity and Tolerance
~Make Pancake Snowmen for Breakfast
~Create Snow Lanterns Outdoors
~Learn ‘Little Flakes of Snow’ on Your Pennywhistle or
Flute and Enjoy the MP3
~Create Beautiful Snowflake Fairies to Hang
Over Your Nature Space
~Make a Batch of Winter Burritos to Warm Their Bellies
~Create a Peace Pole for Your Home or School
~Weave Diversity on a Handmade Cardboard Loom
~Meditate on Tolerance and the Beauty of the
Difference that have Blessed Your Life

Week Four, January
Ice, Forgiveness

~Read Stories of Ice and Forgiveness
~Go Outside and Look for Icicles
~Share Songs and Verses of Ice
~Talk about Forgiveness with Your Children
~Create a Beautiful Ice Medallion with Nature Items
~Learn the ‘Icy Icicles’ Song on Your Home Instrument
and Enjoy the MP3
~ Create Ice Blocks and Light Them Up!
~ Make Ice Paintings with the Children
~ Craft Ice ‘Scrumbles’ by Learning Freeform Crochet
~Make Frozen Banana Treats
~Meditate on Forgiving Yourself, Others and
Past Experiences as You Begin a Fresh New Year

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