Age Appropriate Chores for Children

A Good House
This is the roof of the house so good.
(Make roof with hands)
These are the walls that are made of wood.
(Hands straight, palms parallel)
These are the windows that let in the light.
(Thumbs and forefingers form windows)
This is the door that shuts so tight.
(Hands straight by side)
This is the chimney so straight and tall.
(Arms up straight)
Oh! What a good house for one and all.
Involving children in the work of daily living is so very important but often not so very easy. Younger children love to imitate what the adults in their life are doing and so you will often see a toddler or preschool aged child pretending to iron, sweep or tuck “baby” in just like mom or dad does. But, as children mature, it can become more of a struggle to get their involvement in daily living tasks. Whenever possible, rather than using sticker charts and reward systems, it is important to try to get children to be a part of the daily work as a way of life and of daily living, not to just earn something. As adults in this age, we tend to do everything for our children while they are very capable of doing some of the work around the home.

Here is a helpful chart of age appropriate chores for children that you may find useful:

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