Make Your Own Icicles – Fun Winter Science Lesson

Make Your Own Icicles!
 This is a perfect activity to do during the ‘Ice, Forgiveness’ weekly theme in our January Preschool/Kindergarten Book and our January Afterschooling Guide! It is also wonderful for those of you who live in climates that do not often get cold enough for the children to experience ice in this way.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Milk Jug

Make a small hole in the bottom of your jug with the pin about one inch back from the corner which is opposite the handle. 

Fill your jug with water.  Do not cover it.  Use wire to hang the jug outside on an evening that you know the temperatures will drop low enough.  The water will slowly drip and the freezing weather should create an icicle!  

If your water is dripping too fast, you will need to make another one with a smaller hole.  The water should barely drip out. 

Add food coloring to make colored icicles or colored ice blocks to build outside!
 Good luck!

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