Adventures in Maple Syruping

My oldest daughter, who doesn’t live at home, rightly said the above video was like Maple Zen…when I sent it to her. 

We tapped about 10 trees this year with new supplies we purchased from Tap My Trees (great resource for those of you who are looking to try this!) We did this on a very, very small scale years ago and couldn’t wait to do it the right way! 
We had a few warm days and boy did it make the sap flow! We got over 20 gallons our very first day! The pups were very good helpers 🙂 

 It took me awhile to get the right set up. We have a really wonderful fire pit but boiling takes an insane amount of time… insane. To give you some perspective, the 20 gallons took almost 12 hours to boil down to 3 jars of syrup! 

 I invested in a candy thermometer to know when the syrup was ready and finished indoors. When it reached about 219 degrees, you usually have syrup. 
Aren’t the little jars we got adorable? We are all excited to try to sell our syrup (and veggies, eggs and honey maybe one day?)
I also recommend these two very helpful books for those of you who want to give this a try. We are pretty hooked and looking into expanding and getting an evaporator and equipment one day. No matter if you want to do it once, as a backyard hobby or to make a small profit (to pay off the hobby!) both of these books are super helpful.
What do you think about the name Maple Zen Farm for our backyard homestead? So sweet.

Logo 1 or 2? (my daughters want to know!) 

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  1. maybe you have chosen your logo
    perhaps you might choose to combine the two?
    a tree gradually shifting from snow covered branches to green leaves…

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