Bird Study and Nature Notebook Journaling

Supplies Needed:

Bird Binoculars
Nature Notebooks from September Monthly Curriculum
Crayons/Watercolor Pencils/Pencils or Pens
Bird Field Book from Public Library (optional)
After your morning circle, take the children Bird Watching. Take along binoculars, a field book from your local library, your nature notebooks and something to color and write with for your journaling. As you walk, share this week’s nature verse and help the children look for birds.   

Suggestions for Small Children:

Print out photos or draw the types of birds you saw on your walk and have the children glue them to their Nature Notebooks. If a bird holds a certain color, have the child color along side of the photo with that crayon. Count how many birds you saw on your nature hike today and make a note of it. Have children draw a picture of the weather outside during your hike. Have children draw a picture of the birds they saw or other interesting things they came across.
Suggestions for Older Children:
You can take this experience a step further depending on the age of your child. If you brought a field book along, have children journal about the types of birds they saw and their specific names and attributes. Have them make note of the weather, the behavior of the birds and the color and size of each. They can make a quick sketch, write poetry or just write about their day.  

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