30 Free Spring Ideas and Activities for Caregivers of Children

Photo by Robin LaRoy, A Little Acorn Learning Mama

1. Take out old make-up or face paints and paint each other’s faces.
2. Play a game of tic-tac-toe together.
3. Color a picture of a butterfly.
4. Have a dance party in your living room.
5. Make a homemade drum out of empty containers.
6. Go on a wildflower hunt outside.
7. Have a picnic with your children in your backyard.
8. Take a dog for a walk.
9. Take your children outside before dinner and play catch.
10. Look for shapes in the clouds today.
11. Be more mindful of how much water you use today.
12. Empty out one drawer that needs decluttering together.
13. Stack and balance rocks you find outside.
14. Paint plain flowerpots and turn them into something beautiful.
15. Play a game of marbles together.
16. Make a flower out of beeswax modeling material.
17. Try meditating for 15 minutes today.
18. Let the children go outside and roll down hills!
19. Watch the sunset together.
20. Pick flowers outside and press them in a big book.
21. Create a better recycling system or inspire someone else.
22. Go to a local park for the day.
23. Go outside and sketch a part of nature in full detail.
24. Let the sun hit your face today. Pause and let it warm you.
25. Have the children set the table for meals today.
26. Lay with your child at bedtime for 15 minutes and let them do the talking.
27. Wash your floors together.
28. Organize a game of kick the can with neighborhood kids.
29. Set up a special date with each one of your children alone.
30. Review any negative feelings you’ve had this past month. Why?

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