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Friday, June 21st is the Summer Solstice. Many of you may already feel summer time has approached with schoolwork ending and the warm days becoming more frequent. It is a really exciting time for the children in our life and there are so many ways to celebrate the start of this special season together. We have taken a few book recommendations and ideas to share with you today from our Midsummer Festival Book. The book includes 118 pages of ideas, songs, crafts, stories, fingerplays and more to help you celebrate summers for  many years to come!

A few books to read to the children this month:

A sweet fingerplay to share:

The sun makes the outside a warm place to play

(Arms above head in circle)

It makes the flowers grow each day

(Holding up hands wiggling fingers)

The sun hides its face during the night

(Cover face with hands)

But during the daytime it shines – oh so bright

(Arms above head in circle)

Bake Sun Bread: 

sun bread.PNG
Sara Wilson

Any good bread recipe will do. Knead your bread and shape it into a sun. Give it a generous, caring face, if you like, and give it shinshiny rays. Let it rise and then bake your sun bread carefully so that it doesn’t get too brown. Serve your sun bread on the morning of the Summer Solstice with fresh churned butter and golden honey. There is extra magic in your bread if you eat it while the sun rises on the solstice morning.

“Like our own day-night rhythm, says Steiner, the earth sleeps and wakes in its annual cycle, its time of dream and sleep corresponding to spring and summer. The flourishing world of plants is, one can say, the earth dreaming out towards the wider cosmos.”

~Commentary by Matthew Barton on Steiner’s lecture given in Dornach on 2 May 1920

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