Summer Beeswax Suns & A Sun Story Song

Beeswax modeling material is one of my favorite mediums to use when working with children. The process of warming the beeswax in itself is a beautiful experience in patience and manifesting for the young child. There are so many beautiful ways to use it and endless possibilities on what can be made. I would often guide the children in imitating what I made while singing a song or telling a story. These little suns were made by us when I shared this sweet Sun Story Song with the children in my home program years ago. I hope you find it useful on a summer day when you are looking to keep little hands busy in your care.

“Now, what shall I send to the earth today?”
Said the great, round, golden Sun.

“Oh! Let us go down there to work and play,”
Said the Sunbeams, every one.

So down to the Earth in a shining crowd,
Went the merry, busy crew;
They painted with splendor each floating cloud
And the sky while passing through.

“Shine on, little Star, if you like,” they cried;
“We will weave a golden screen
That soon all your twinkling and light shall hide,
Though the Moon may peep between.”

The Sunbeams then in through the windows crept,
To the children in their beds –
They poked at the eyelids of those who slept,
Gilded all the little heads.

“Wake up, little children!” they cried in glee,
“And from Dreamland come away!
We’ve brought you a present: wake up and see!
We have brought you a sunny day!”

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