Homeschooling Kindergarten or Preschool this School Year

The Little Acorn Learning Kindergarten and Preschool Curriculum provides a creative, natural and explorative approach to learning. We believe that play is the true “work” of a child. Children are provided with plenty of opportunity for imaginative free play and creativity. Parents and teachers are provided with weekly themes, lessons, stories, short morning talk ideas, crafts, recipes, book recommendations, festival celebrations, tools and meditations to help them be the best caregivers they can be.

We believe that young children learn primarily through imitation. Our programs are created with the intent to guide caregivers and teachers in a way so that the children in their care are surrounded by people, actions and activities that are worthy of being imitated. We are deeply inspired by much of the philosophy of Waldorf Education and nature-based learning especially in the early childhood years.

We believe that children thrive when provided with a healthy flow and rhythm to their day. Little Acorn Learning has established times for various activities that children can depend on and days of the week for certain creative activities.

The Little Acorn Learning Kindergarten and Preschool Program is a gentle transition from home to school for children ages 3-6, incorporating a bit more structure and nature learning than the toddler years, while still allowing children to have the childhood they are entitled to. Emphasis is placed on practical life skills such as dressing, brushing hair, cooking, cleaning, washing, baking, crafting and gardening. A respect and love for nature is fostered by daily nature walks, creating a seasonal nature table, gardening and pet care. While our program is focused on the early years, it is a wonderful foundation for children of all ages. Older children love the activities just as much, and the rhythm it provides. It can be used to create your daily rhythm while you insert more academic learning where you see fit and is specifically created with mixed aged groups in mind.

Your children will enjoy circle time, fingerplays, puppet shows, watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, coloring, nature walks, outdoor play, healthy meals (organic when possible) and creative free play and YOU will find true meaning in your very sacred work with children.

We hope to have you join us this school year and are here to help you in any way we can!

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