A Story of Wind and Kindness

“Martinmas wind, when wilt thou blow, And shake the green leaves from the tree?”

Rie Cramer

On November 11th we celebrate The Feast of St. Martin, otherwise known as Martinmas. Martinmas Eve was often watched closely by farmers as a predictor of the winter to come. Autumn winds are often strong and wind is often associated with Martinmas.

St. Martin was said to be a man of peace and generosity.  He did not want to fight but obeyed the law and served in the military as he was required to.  He took the earnings he made as a solider and gave it to needy families.  One story tells of how he cut his own cloak in half to warm a homeless beggar on the street who was Christ in disguise.  Martin of Tours is the patron saint of soldiers.

In America, we also celebrate Veteran’s Day this week.  Let us take this time to allow the Spirit of St. Martin fill us with thoughts of peace and love for soldiers of past and present wars.

Here is a sweet tale to tell the children this coming week about the wind and kindness. This story is in both our Kindergarten Curriculum and our new First Grade Curriculum.

The Wind and The Sun

One day the Wind and the Sun were talking together.  “I am stronger than you,” the Sun said to the Wind. “No! I am stronger than you,” the Wind said to the Sun. Then they talked together of what they could do.

“I bring the summer,” said the Sun. “I ripen the fruit and the grain. I bring
all the flowers.”

“I can break all the trees,” said the Wind. “I blow the ships. I can bring the cold winter.”

The Wind and the Sun quarreled together. They talked a long time, and
each thought it was the stronger. Then they saw a traveler coming. They said that they would try to see which could make the traveler take off his coat. The one that could do this would be the stronger one.

The Wind tried first. The Sun went behind a cloud to let the Wind blow hard
upon the traveler. The harder it blew the closer the traveler held his coat.
The Wind blew as hard as it could. The traveler buttoned his coat and turned
up the collar. The Wind could not make him take off his coat.

The Sun came out. It sent warm sunbeams down upon the traveler’s head.
The traveler opened his coat. Then he took it off. So the cold Wind knew that the warm Sun was the stronger one. It was stronger because it was kind.

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