How to Finger Knit Single Stitch Method

Handwork – Finger Knitting

In the first grade, your child (and maybe you!) will learn how to knit and master other handwork. In Waldorf homes and classrooms finger knitting is the first introduction to this type of handwork usually in kindergarten (ages 3-6 ). Here’s how to do the single stitch method. Knitting more than one stitch at a time is also possible with fingers and we will share that next!

Supplies Needed:

Super bulky single ply 100% wool yarn is best but its fine to use whatever you have on hand
Cute little fingers

Finger knitting is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joy of handwork. Boys and girls alike will benefit from this activity. Children as young as five years old can master finger knitting.

To make a simple chain:

Make a slip knot with your yarn, leaving a tail approximately 8” long. Open the slip knot wide enough to insert your index finger and thumb through it. Pinch the yarn between your index finger and thumb and pull a new loop through the hole. Pull until the first loop is tight around the new loop. Continue to pull a new loop through and tighten until you have a chain the length that you want. Cut the yarn and pull the tail through the last loop.

These chains can be used for belts, leashes, garland and other imaginative play ideas.

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