Creating Warmth in Your Home or Classroom

Warmth is important both physically and emotionally for every human being. Young children need to be dressed and cared for in a way that warms their bodies and souls. And, you need to find time to warm yourself with the things you love and surround yourself with people you enjoy. 

When we put the time and energy into making our home or classroom a place that warms us both physically and spiritually, we benefit by both the process and the result of our work. Spend time this week mediating on how you can create a warm environment for yourself, your family and those you invite into your home. We’ve included some ideas here from our curriculum: 

  • Each child should have his or her own space for napping or relaxing. Purchase wool blankets, sheepskin rugs, natural bedding and other cozy materials to assist with this.   
  • Wake early and start a fire in the fireplace of woodstove before the children wake up or arrive to your program. 
  • In the winter months, start a ritual of having warm decaffeinated tea with your morning snack (herbal is wonderful)
  • Have each child wear a pair of indoor shoes or slippers throughout the day.  
  • Keep children very warm and dressed with wool undergarments, warm hats, gloves and scarves.
  • Keep an extra sweater or robe for each child handy on a special hook with their name or symbol. 
  • If you knit or do handcrafts, pull out your warm yarns and fibers and display them in baskets for easy access. 
  • Make lots of warm soups and breads together during the winter months.  See our Winter Childcare Menu for ideas on our website
  • Create a warm atmosphere with song, natural fibers, routines and rhythm. 
  • Hug, kiss, cuddle and be kind to one another. Have patience. 
  • Make a fort with blankets and read special books.
  • Build an igloo together outside if it snows! 
  • Make lanterns and light them together.
  • Play music together. Whenever possible, expose your children to live music and singing.
  • Use warm herbal pillows or water bottles to warm up.
  • Give your child a piece of beeswax modeling material to warm and mold in their hands while you tell a story. 
  • Let natural light shine through your windows. Experiment with silks and fabrics that reflect warming colors by the sun.
  • Make window transparencies and place suncatchers in a window you can see.
  • Put food outside a special window for the birds to watch from the warm indoors together.

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