Tips for Safe Winter Sledding

  • Wear several layers of clothing… long johns/thermal underwear are great underneath warm clothing and snow pants. If you do not have these, heavy cotton tights are a good alternative.
  • Wear insulated and waterproof mittens/gloves and hat. Wrap a scarf around the lower part of your face. Wear extra socks – thermal/winter socks over a pair of regular socks under your boots.
  • If going to another location, bring blankets and extra clothing to change into to keep dry. Bring protein rich snacks, water and a hot drink like tea or hot cocoa in a thermos. Be sure to check road conditions before leaving and bring a cell phone. Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan on returning home.
  • If the hills are especially steep and potentially dangerous, consider wearing a helmet instead of just a hat.
  • Teach children how to stop their sleds and make sharp turns by dragging their feet.
  • Always be sure that children are being supervised by an adult.
  • Teach kids that if their sled will not stop or if they feel out of control to roll off the sled and onto the ground. Tell them to let the sled go off on its own and not to chase after it.. they can get it back after it stops.
  • Never allow children to sled ride in unsafe areas like into the street, driveways or on hills that are rocky or near a cliff or body of water.
  • If it is dark outside, only allow children to sled if there is adequate lighting and a responsible adult present.
  • Remember that temperatures drop in the evening and children should be dressed accordingly.
  • Tell your children that if their hands or feet feel extremely cold or numb to get inside immediately and take off wet clothing and put on dry items. If gloves or socks get wet, make sure they come inside to change into dry ones.
  • Do not allow children to ride a sled that is being pulled by any motorized vehicle.
  • Never allow sled riding head first, this is an easy way for children to get serious head and spinal injuries. Also, do not allow kids to stand on their sleds.

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  1. ah, all the things our parents should have exercised with us – or at least made sure the adults of an activity knew to exercise. And we are still looking for wool clothing! So much a help when we are out and about, and I am the one calling things off : ( because I still haven’t found anything that fits. > . <

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