Frozen Suncatcher Tutorial


This beautiful winter activity is in both our Kindergarten and our First Grade Curriculum. It can be done with children (and adults) of all ages with items found outdoors and in your own kitchen. We have put together both a video and written tutorial for you. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

Aluminum Pie Dish or Shallow Plastic Tupperware Dish 


Outdoor materials such as pine, twigs, leaves, berries, birdseed, etc. 

For this activity, it is even easier to hang your suncatcher if you use a pan that has a hole in the center such as an Angel Food Cake or Bundt Cake Pan. If you do not have these, a flat pie dish will work. Just place your string or yarn with a loop on top down through as much of the water as possible so it freezes well.

Fill each dish approximately half full with water. Allow children to drop items into their pan. Place string or yarn leaving a loop on top for hanging. Put each dish in the freezer or leave outside overnight. When frozen, pull suncatcher out of dish and hang outdoors (can be kept in freezer after observation if you live in a warm climate). Watch the sun shine through your suncatcher and talk about what will need to happen for it to melt.   

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