Pretty Little Heart Chains – Paper Cutting as a Lesson for Young Children

One of the old lessons we’ve lost in our modern day Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms is paper cutting. Cutting scenes and decorations out of paper was a daily activity in most early childhood education programs as a way to strengthen fine motor skills, utilize creative thinking and as an art form based on the academic and seasonal lessons being presented.

In our first grade curriculum, we are including many paper cutting and paper folding lessons along with language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, form drawing, handwork (knitting!), art, movement and domestic skills such as cooking, folding, shoveling and manners.

Here is a very simple but fun heart mobile paper cutting activity for children. Be sure to have folds on both sides where indicated. These can be made in all different colors and sizes and still fit within one another to make beautiful chains to hang in your home or classroom. It is a wonderful way to use up scrap paper or old watercolor paintings. You can also make these out of felt but it does take more patience. We do not recommend cardstock as it is not easy enough to fold.

Enjoy! And be sure to leave a comment and share with us your creations.

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!

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