Coin Rubbings for Presidents Day

This week was Presidents’ Day in the United States and this is a fun activity from our both our Kindergarten and First Grade Curriculums for those of you who homeschool or wish to bring a bit of math and history fun into your child’s life this week.  

Using crayons, rub coins to see the image of each President. Depending on your child’s age and ability, use this lesson as an opportunity to learn more about each individual, the location and symbol on each coin and its value. 

This is a fun way to introduce young children to the basic concept of money.  Older children can use the idea to work with addition facts or learn more about which leader is associated with each coin.  

Some more ideas:

Write down an amount and ask your child to rub the correct coins to make the value.

Dictate addition or subtraction facts and have children use coin rubbings to demonstrate the problem and solution. 
Rub coins on paper and cut them out to play store or practice math facts!  
Enjoy and have fun learning!  

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