Spring is NOT cancelled! Happy Spring Equinox!

Today is the Spring Solstice, otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox. This day is said to bring us equal portions of both day and night. So on this day, earth is considered to be truly in balance.

Right now it may be hard to feel as if ANYTHING is in balance with the coronavirus outbreak. It is a challenging time for our world and we know many of you are struggling with fear, isolation, new responsibilities with educating your children, work from home responsibilities, as well as financial concerns. While we cannot control these circumstances, we must still strive together to find the joy and magic in our world and bring it to the children we care for.

For this reason, we recommend taking a break and being with your children today to celebrate Spring. This can be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. Try to let go of all that is on your plate, all of your worries and concerns and just be fully present with the loves that look to you for safety and guidance.

We have put together some fun ways to celebrate today as well as some sales, discounts and free items for you. Look ahead to brighter days and celebrate whenever you can as you navigate through this.

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Here is an old Native American Legend you can share with the children on how Day and Night were divided:

After the world was made, some of the animals wanted the day to last all of the time. Others preferred that it be night all of the time. They quarreled about this and cold not come to an agreement. After awhile they decided to hold a meeting and they asked the great Bear to preside as the judge.

The Bear proposed that they vote to have night all the time but the Ground Squirrel said out loud “Wait! I see that the Raccoon has rings on his tail divided equally, first a dark color and then a light color. I think day and night should also be divided equally like the rings on the Raccoon’s tail.”

The other animals were very impressed with the wisdom of the Ground Squirrel and they quickly voted for his plan and divided day and night just like the dark and light rings on the Racoon’s tail, succeeding each other in regular order. The Great Bear was furious! He was so upset with the Ground Squirrel for taking over his position that he thrust out his paw and scratched the Ground Squirrel’s back with his sharp claws. This is why all of the descendants of that Ground Squirrel now forever have thirteen stripes on their backs.

Spring Solstice Transparencies

A very simple and beautiful way to celebrate the return of the Sun is to create transparencies out of card stock and colored tissue paper. The light shining through the cut outs is a beautiful symbol of the return of the Sun and reminds us of our own light within that can shine through to the outer world through our being.

Simply draw and then carefully cut out your design, attach tissue paper to the backing with tape and place your creation in front of a strong light. You may even like to attach it to a window so the sunlight can shine through it during the day. This is a wonderful activity to do with children and they come out quite beautiful. They can be kept very simple with just stars, moons or suns or you can get a bit more involved with your project.

Poems and Fingerplays to Share

See, See, See
Three birds are in a tree
(hold up three fingers) Look, look, look
(shade eyes)
Three ducks are in a brook
(hold up three fingers)
One is white, and one is brown.
One is swimming upside down
(point to a finger each time)
Look, look, look
Three ducks are in a brook.
(hold up three fingers)

I’m a little Daisy
Tall and Slim
(Raise up on tip toes)
Here are my petals
(Place hands at sides of head and wiggle fingers)
Here is my stem
(slap hands down at sides of legs)
When the sun comes up
(hold hands in sky)
And the rain comes down
(bring hands down like rain drops crouching clear to the floor)
I grow grow grow up from the ground
(slowly raise back up bring hands above your head).

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